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Lessons, Homework Supervision and More! Lessons, Homework Supervision and More!
What is offered for your kids after school hours? Need extra lessons, remedial classes, homework supervision? We've started to compile some info just for you! Check out the article for the full listing.
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Watch It, Read It, Play It! Watch It, Read It, Play It! "Television... Oh No..."
An article on the harmful effects of television
By Samantha Christian
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Welcome to! Easter time is here! It's windy out and the parks are beautiful with poui trees and fallen leaves. As the school term comes to an end for the Easter break, there's lots to do with the children. Kite flying, nature walks, easter camps, and local fun spots should be on your to-do list for the holidays. Enjoy the new parenting articles in our Family Section and email us to be added to our Mommy Yellow Pages listings. Lots in store at your fingertips! Happy Reading!


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Being Romantic Parents

Being Romantic Parents, Ditch the Mom Jeans!

by Suzette Camacho

Being a couple with children could translate into hectic lifestyles, losing your sense of self, a dwindling romantic relationship and sheer exhaustion. We wonder about how life changes so much after having children. Many people change, yes, they change after becoming a parent. Women can tend to take on a motherly role with extreme vigor and neglect their relationship with their spouse. Men can get consumed with responsibility of providing for their families and bearing an additional burden, leading to additional stress, coupled with their spouse not being focused on them due to the extra focus on the children. How can both parents keep that spark alive amongst the hustle and bustle of parenthood?


Ditch The "Mom Jeans"!

Ladies, do not change your image from an appealing wife to a dowdy mother. Uplift your image, be sexy, stay trendy and most importantly, maintain a vibrant, charismatic and spontaneous personality for your spouse. Don’t lose sight of your physical appearance because you are too busy with the children. Get a makeover after giving birth, hair, nails, wardrobe, the works! Let’s face it, men don’t like to be reminded of their mothers via their spouses. They want to stay attracted to the woman they met from the beginning and also want that desire to continue throughout their lives. Your mentality as a mother, should not eliminate your sex appeal as a woman. Find a good balance between wife and mother and keep that passion alive! Many women tend to realize this after a relationship has failed and they try to regain their lost sex appeal at a late stage in life.

Socialize Together

Keeping an active social life really helps get you out of that domestic frame of mind. Getting out of the house to mix and mingle and have fun as a couple will alleviate or maybe cast aside for a while, any household burdens as parents. Make time for an outing once per month to do dinner, movies, drinks, dancing or even go to a small event of your liking such as a theatre production, an art gallery, a sporting event, a musical concert, and anything that is being held locally.

Get Creative At Home

Use the resources you have to keep the romance alive. Cook a romantic dinner together after the kids have gone to bed. Why not have a late dinner once in a while? Have a cocktail night, get some great recipes online and experiment with that blender in the kitchen! Feed each other, have genuine talks, stay positive and focused on each other during these moments and try to not have discussions on children and household issues. Another great way to bond and lighten your mood as a couple is having a game night. Playing fun games together that both you and your spouse enjoy over some light snacks and drinks can be loads of laughter. You can play board games, online games, sing karaoke, and even some video games on the playstation or xbox! That competitive spirit between you and your spouse can be very fun-loving and sexy!

The Element of Surprise

Being spontaneous can be very romantic. As a couple, the daily routines can tend to get very boring and tiring. You can get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing day after day. Try to get creative and plan little romantic surprises for each other. This could be very simple, from buying some fresh fruit, whipping cream and bubbly wine at the grocery, and laying out a lovely platter for bedtime. You can have this yummy treat in bed after the kids go to sleep. Chocolates and cake can also be lovely surprises for your spouse after a hard day of work and chores. Occasionally, you can also surprise your spouse with a great spa voucher for a couples treat at a local spa. It’s a great romantic outing that is very therapeutic! Couples spa therapy can be very sensual and bonding for each other. Another great way to surprise each other is also getting the kids involved in planning a lovely meal for your spouse. Involve them in the cooking and setting up a nice area for dining at home, have them pretend play as waiters/waitresses and restaurant hosts! They can do the fun duties whilst you and the spouse dine away by candlelight. The children will have a blast doing this.

Romance Through Hobbies

A couple that plays together stays together. Get involved in some fitness activities together as a couple! Whether it is going to the gym, bike riding, yoga, running, there are many activities that you and your spouse can do together that will enable you to spend quality time with each other. These activities can take as little as 30mins daily or as often as you can and it makes good bonding time!

How You View Each Other

Becoming a parent can change perspectives and dynamics in a relationship that can cause much detriment and strain. Women must not treat or view their husband like a child and take the motherly role to an exaggerated extent of belittling and berating their spouse. Men can view their spouses as domestic help and basic administrators, where they lose sight of the woman in her capacity as a romantic partner. The relationship can deteriorate into one of specialized roles only focused on the children and household. Many people can get lost in this type of life and not realize that their romantic relationship has dwindled. It’s important to not lose the right perspective and respect for each other as a couple.


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