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Lessons, Homework Supervision and More! Lessons, Homework Supervision and More!
What is offered for your kids after school hours? Need extra lessons, remedial classes, homework supervision? We've started to compile some info just for you! Check out the article for the full listing.
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Watch It, Read It, Play It! Watch It, Read It, Play It! "Television... Oh No..."
An article on the harmful effects of television
By Samantha Christian
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Cool Hobbies and Extra Curricular for Our Kids! There are so many innovative hobbies and fun sports to keep our kids entertained, productive and active outside of school. Check out our Living Section for fun ideas and featured activities and our Mommy Yellow Pages for listings and contacts! Read the Full Story
Craft & Activity Corner We have some great ideas to keep them busy at home. Check out our suggestions for Games and Pretend Play, Flying a Sky Lantern and simple ways to Spark the Imagination in your child. Read the Full Story
Mommy Yellow Pages   We have compiled a listing for our Trini-Moms including Local Fun Spots, Play-schools, Nurseries & Daycare, Montessori & Pre-schools, Toy Stores, Kids Clothing and Party Supplies.
We hope you find what you're looking for, if not, contact us and we'll include it.
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Welcome to! The school term ends and leads us into the July-August vacation. Our kids deserve a fun break but still need to keep their brains productive and fresh especially if they are preparing for SEA and other important school transitions. We have a great vacation camp listing and upcoming events calendar. Remember! When choosing a vacation camp for your child, ensure that you choose a camp that best fits your child's personality and skills. We also have some great articles on parenting and raising babies. Please have a look at our baby food guide which is designed for the local mom. Also for families who are travelling, some must have travel items for baby is listed for your info. When travelling also keep in mind someeasy haircare tips for the kids to protect their hair from the harsh sun elements. These and loads more we have at your fingertips! Happy Reading!

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Fun Extra Curricular Activities For Your Child

by Suzette Camacho

Yes ladies, I am one of them. The parent that enrolls her child into more than one activity per week and juggling work, school, homework with these activities can be stressful and tiring.

We do what we think is best for our children. We want them to be well rounded, de-stressed after a day at school and also promote their special talents through extra-curricular activities. Kids are becoming more and more physically fit and athletic from a younger age. Their strength in sports is built by steady involvement in weekly sessions. Sports is an excellent medium for brain stimulation, physical fitness, social development and has been a gateway for athletic scholarships on a tertiary level.

Besides sports, I am quite impressed by the variety of extra-curricular activities available in Trinidad and Tobago.

Whilst it can get very expensive, a great way is for children to do an activity or sport that their school hosts in the facility after school hours. These activities are usually more affordable than the external/private activities.



When our kids are "hyped, happy, proud and begging to go back", then we know that we've found a fun hobby for them! When choosing an extra curricular for your child, remember to make a choice based on your child's personality. Do not enroll them in something that you know will not work with what their likes are. We however always recommend that at a younger age, you can "feel out" your child's preferences by signing up for trial classes of activities. Don't "knock" something until they experience it themselves. Some of us think we know our kids, but can easily be surprised by what they enjoy! The kids ages 2-7yrs are in the early developmental stages and would need lots of encouragement to try different things. Based on their experiences in the trial classes, then you can decide which direction to go from there.


Did you know that your child can be enrolled into a variety of unique activities that are offered locally and in schools? Here are some ideas of what you can consider:

  1. Swimming – There are swim clubs in all parts of Trinidad that offer classes for toddlers to teenagers. This is a fundamental activity that should be encouraged from an early age.
  2. Dance – Ballet, Modern, Hip-Hop, Indian, Ballroom. All of these are available for our children.
  3. Music – Steelpan. Guitar, Drums, Piano, Violin
  4. Football – Offered to boys and girls as an in-house activity in some schools and offered by many football clubs nationwide.
  5. Art/Craft – In addition to art during school hours, Local artists offer private classes or go to schools to give after school classes to build on the talent of our young budding artists.
  6. Tennis – Lawn Tennis is a great sport that promotes physical fitness and co-ordination for our young ones.
  7. Cricket - A great sport for the little boys!
  8. Drama
  9. Gymnastics
  10. Martial Arts and Karate
  11. Sailing Classes – Offered in Chaguaramas at TTSA
  12. Kids Triathalon Training – A wonderful sport offered by Rainbow Warriors Triathalon Club. Offers children the opportunity to train every week in Triathalon mode via swimming, running and riding. Great to build physical and mental fitness.
  13. Horseback riding – Many local horse ranches offer riding classes for kids.
  14. Volunteering at an Animal Shelter – This is a great activity to encourage your child to join if he/she is an animal lover. The TTSPCA always welcomes kid volunteers to assist with the animals.
  15. Baby/Toddler Storytelling/Play Group – Hosted by Trini Babygarten, this is a stimulating weekly activity for mommy and baby.
  16. Golf – Local golf clubs offer golfing lessons for our little ones.
  17. Kids Yoga


For any contacts on extra-curricular activities for your child, check Trini-Moms Yellow Pages or our Facebook page/group.

Always ensure that your child is enrolled in activites that do not overwhelm their day and that can work with their homework time as well.


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